Emmeline Mina

Emmelime & Rosemarie Boo Parade 2005

Emmeline & Eric at work

Emmeline Mina    2001-2004

Emmeline joined as an Mime apprentice.  

We had a few other apprentices before I.E. found our fourth dynamic member to the ensemble. She came to the company with a rich background in performance including vocal, dance, stage (acting, stage combat, musicals, children's theatre), a.u. (parades), and clowning. With hard work and dedication she became an excellent mime and contributed greatly with her intuition, personality, energy, e nthusiasm and committment.

Presently, she is adding to her repertoire of film experience, especially in broadcasting.

To list a few, her other work associations include:
*Sea World
*Traveling Ronald McDonald's Show
*Traveling Lantern Theatre Company
*The Collective, Planet Earth Multi-cultural Theatre Company
*APSA F/T Show, in association w/ the Asian Film Festival
*Prophetik Music Productions
*Talent Quest National Performance
*PACSD, Inc.

Emmeline has a degree in Theatre from SDSU.

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