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Performing and Visual Arts Fund Grant Application




  1. Name of Organization: Imagination Express … All-Aboard!
  2. Address: 1495 East H St
  3. City: Chula Vista CA. Zip Code: 91910
  4. Phone #: 619-482-8856 Fax: 619-482-8856 E-Mail:rosemarie@home.com
  5. Contact Person on Board of Directors: William P. Ballard
  6. Administrative Director: Eric George Tauber, Outreach Coordinator
  7. Contact Person For Grant: Rosemarie Ballard Title: Artistic Director

Applicant Discipline: Interdisciplinary: Theatre & Dance (Mime/children’s ensemble)

Grant Amount Requested: $2,500



Certification: I/We certify that the information contained in this application, including all attachments and supporting materials, is true and correct to the best of our knowledge. If payment is to be made to anyone other than the grantee, it is understood that the grantee is financially, administratively, and programmatically responsible for all aspects of the grant and that all reports must be submitted through the grantee.

Organization Director: Board President:


Signature Date Signature Date



Rosemarie Ballard, Artistic Director William P. Ballard, Board President

Typed Name and Title Typed Name and Title


Briefly and concisely answer the following questions in the space provided.

  1. What is your organization’s mission?
  2. Our goal is to educate, motivate and entertain young audiences with original and innovative vignettes employing the arts of mime, dance and puppetry.

    Our intent is to challenge our audiences, through the content of our work, to make positive choices for their lives.

    Our mission is to keep the art of mime alive as a viable form of theatre.


  3. List some major accomplishments of your organization in the space provided.
  1. Give your Project Description and Evaluation in the space provided.
    1. Describe the proposed project.
    2. What do you envision this project’s impact to be on the community?
    3. How do you plan to evaluate the success of the project?

A. We give school assemblies hour-long presentations, which include a 40-minute performance and a 10-minute interactive workshop. Our performances incorporate the arts of mime, dance and puppetry. We present an eclectic mixture of vignettes from abstract visual feasts to more thought-provoking stories. We challenge our audiences to make positive life choices by discouraging such things as smoking, drugs and violence while encouraging exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Our performances lift the spirit and increase the awareness of our audiences. (A more detailed description of our vignettes is enclosed.)

Mime is a universal language that crosses all boundaries. We are appropriate for multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-generational audiences as our art form is non-verbal in nature. We communicate universal themes through body language and facial expression.

We propose to partner with Chula Vista Public Schools for a local assembly tour. The grant monies would be used to cover half the cost of a first assembly with the other half to be provided by the schools and/or PTA’s. The normal cost of a first assembly is $500. Additional assemblies would be dealt with separately from the grant money. Carmen Quintana of the Chula Vista School District Office has already agreed to find the appropriate schools if this grant is made available to us.

  1. Our company’s productions impact our audience by engaging their imaginations, lifting their spirits and challenging them to make healthy life choices. Mime’s non-verbal communication engages them in a new and interesting way that many of them have never experienced before. The dynamics of our teamwork keeps them focused and engaged. They never know what will happen next.
  2. We lift their spirits with fast-paced, animated, comic pieces full of slapstick humor. The response of the children at the end of each show is overwhelming.

    Our messages, discouraging destructive behaviors and encouraging a healthy lifestyle, are very powerful. Rather than preaching words at our audiences, we dramatize the actions and their consequences. This leaves a much stronger impression on young people than words alone.

  3. An evaluation form will be given to teachers and administrators who witness our work. (A copy of this form is included.)


  1. Please give a project budget summary below:
    1. Total project expense: $2,500
    2. Amount requested from this grant: $2,500
    3. Total in-kind donation: $0
    4. Itemized expenses in detail related to grant project expenses.

$2500 divided among 10 schools at $250 per school for 10 assemblies.

$150 for each of three artists in company performing and teaching. This covers expenses for make-up, costumes and transportation.

$50 paid to sound technician for technical support



Sample Artistic Documentation Form

Choice 1:



Our home-grown video is a compilation of samples of our work. An abstract mime/dance/movement piece showcases the art of illusion. Puppets appear and a sheet of fabric takes on a life of its own. Three hobos show off slapstick comedy as they fight over a string of gold. Sample of workshop.



Optional Attachments:



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