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Part ll.

EIN 33 0959778

Attachment # 2 (a)

Performance Vignettes

Description of Stories

ABSTRACT AMONGUS This is our signature opening. The three of us work in syncopation, weaving together mime exercises, dance, the antics of animals and the sculptures of Rhodin. You have to pay attention to follow us because we move very fast.

MATERIAL WHIRLED It's amazing what you can do with just a bolt of cloth. In this imaginative

piece, fabric magically whirls into a parachute, the ocean, a staircase and more. This is a second act opening number. As in Abstract Amongus we use syncopation, mime exercises and illusion, and dance to open up the imagination of our audience.


In this poignant, autobiographical piece, Rosemarie chronicles her addiction to cigarettes. Her smoking habit then turns into a fetish for food. She gains a great deal of weight and exercises it off until she is restored to her old svelte and healthy self. Rosemarie uses this piece as a platform to discourage kids from smoking and to encourage smokers to quit.

NEIMAN MARCUS It seems like an ordinary night in the department store as the dresser finishes dressing the mannequins. But what happens when the mannequins come to life? What do they want and what is the poor dresser to do?

TIMBER A lumberjack tests his mettle against a gigantic tree. The relentless lumberjack upgrades his arsenal of tools, pulling each one from a magic carpetbag. The tree stands, unmoved by his efforts; but ultimately, the lumberjack's persistence and resourcefulness pays of as the tree finally falls.

MARCEAU C'EST MOI This is a spoken piece in which we are treated to a workshop with the world's most famous mime, Marcel Marceau.

The Magic Shoe Shop Come in and browse. In the Magic Shoe Shop of the Friendly Giant, each pair of shoes has its own personality. Beware, for they make the wearer dance to each shoe-pair's song.

BOOM-BA-KA-KA-KA Our percussionist mimes beating out a rhythm on invisible drums; but things are not what they seem and a few sounds are not what we expect.

THE BUTTERFLY HUNTER A fellow who fancies butterflies stalks his game on a bright summer day. The butterfly flutters here and there and lands on the head of a member of the audience. Things take a turn for the absurd when the butterfly gets inside the hunter and tries to escape.

HANDS IN THE AIR This piece demonstrates the mystery and grace of abstract mime. Two white-gloved hands chase each other in mid-air, dancing to the haunting phrases of Bobby McFerrin.

THE ROPE The illusion of pulling a rope is one of the mainstays in any mime's bag of tricks. But this rope has some unexpected twists and turns as the story unravels.

THE GLOVES A man enamored with his own image gets a knock at the door by an empty pair of gloves. When he dons the gloves, they come to life. The left is benevolent and the right, mischievous. The mischief turns to hostility, as the man must defend himself against his own hand.

Part ll.

EIN 33 0959778

Attachment # 2 (b)



WHAT IS YOUR SIGN? This story address harassment, self-expectance, and helping your fellow man. The audience observer a young girl be taunted and accepting a stupid identity. She is then helped and changes her feelings of self-worth, and intern helps a boy who has accepted the identity of being considered a freak. We actually use signs that hang around the necks of the players.

THE PARK We have a scene at a bench in the park in which a little girl with bubble gum gets herself into a sticky situation. A balloon salesman gets carried away with his wares, helping a pigeon with a broken wing to fly. We break the fourth wall, inviting the audience to share in our illusions with a sly hobo who panhandles the crowd and a boy who plays catch with an invisible ball. Pair of cantankerous senior citizens shares a bench and learn that the world doesn't have to be so lonely when you have each other.

BACK TO THE PARK This picks up where The Park left off. A wily fly is our protagonist as he torments passers-by. A slapstick silent movie style chase ensues and characters find love in unexpected places. Back to the Park is a sequel to the first, but can also stand on its own as an independent sketch.

THE PARK BENCH IS STILL WARM Patch, the sly hobo, is still pan-handling and the sweet old couple, Murray and Gladys, now take romantic walks in the park where they met. It is a story about adjusting to change and letting go.

YOUR BRAIN ON DRUGS Two boys are flirting with Mary Jane, but she's not a girl you really want to bring home to mother. We move in slow motion from the realistic to the absurd. This sketch will make young people think twice before smoking marijuana.


The cycle of addiction turns ugly, as our protagonist becomes addicted to methamphetamine. His highs get shorter and his downs worsen as he gives up everything to satisfy his habit. Finally, he breaks the cycle and climbs the mountain of recovery.

IT DIDNíT HAVE TO END THIS WAY / WHY? A intense scenario between two adversaries as a chance encounter escalates into violence. The scene ends badly until we then elicit alternative endings from the audience.

SHARE AND SHARE ALIKE Vaudeville comes back to life in this slapstick comedy. Three hobos with nothing share everything until they something to fight over. This high-energy chase scene is reminiscent of the old silent movies and captivates audiences of all ages.

WILLPOWER The emotional food fight and the struggle with the refrigerator over healthy eating habits.

TIDBITS A conglomeration of works put together that highlight the Mime elusions. This piece changes depending on the venue and audience. Itís essence is to impress and entertain.

MAN VERSES BALL This is a technical yet entertaining experience. The ball takes on different states. It is heave like a weight , then light as though filled with helium, it is caught in thin air and wonít move, and becomes interactive with the audience.

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