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Comments From Mar Vista High School Students



Krystal Gaidsbery:I had never been to a ďMime ShowĒ before. I didnít think I would have ever attended one either.

The mime show was very appealing to me.The way the actors acted out all the scenes, the influence the show had on me was quite immense. The actors did scenes about life (depression, drugs, smoking, alcohol, etc).

It was remarkably beautiful the way they expressed themselves. The scenes being so realistic, the mimes all had an extraordinary talent. I enjoyed the show. Iím hoping others took its positive influence as seriously as I did.


Jillian Moar: This was my first time attending a mime show.I really didnít think I was going to enjoy it as much as I did.I liked the way the show sent messages out to the audience.It was educational and fun at the same time.Thatís what I like about the show the most.I wanted to stay and learn about mimes until the end, but I was obligated to leave for work.When I was there to see how mimes work, I thought it was very interesting and a lot harder than it looks.


Alejandro Gutierrez: It was good, it was very very good.The play was interesting, informative and entertaining.The thing about the show that was very impressive is that it was informative and entertaining, which doesnít always match up together; but in this case, it worked.Also, something that I noticed was that everybody was actually paying attention.Usually people wonít want to see something like that.You would think something like that would fail with high school students, but it didnít.I enjoyed it very much.I hope youíll come back next year to inform and entertain the upcoming freshmen.


(No name given): I had never seen a mime show in my life but I thought that this show was a real nice show.I loved all the different scenes they did.I especially preferred the one where the lady is trying to quite smoking.I thought it was really funny all the crazy things they did.

One of the things that I also liked a lot is the one about drugs.I thought that we could all relate to those students up on stage who by their peers, they get involved.Another act that we could relate to is the one where they were making fun of the girl. I think that everyone has been in that position once in their lifetime.

Well, in conclusion, I just wanted to tell you people that I really enjoyed your show.Sorry I couldnít stay for the special after show lessons on mime.Your show was really awesome.2 thumbs up.


Frankie Lopez: Well, when I first came in, I saw the stage set up pretty well and was very excited about seeing mimes perform.Iím a junior, and this is my first year in drama.The show started well, other than the technical difficulties J.But I like the way the 3 try to reach out to teens in fun ways.I thought the signs were very clever.Plus the lighting was ok.The mimes were very well staged, but needed to work on the simultaneous movements.I know that it takes a lot of practice and timing to do that.The imaginary smoking was very good.If you were to record it and put slow motion when she was smoking faster and faster, it would be exact.So that lady mime did very well.

The male mime did very well when he tried to cut the tree down with the saw.Good use of sound effects, and he made the big tree appear as if it were really there.

The older man pantomime seemed to be very good with face movements, which I think is one of his best features.

I think the audience was well behaved and liked the show.So keep doing what youíre doing and hopefully you can reach out to teens about drugs.

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