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Imagination Express



"Let us open your eyes to the invisible and your ears to the silent. We'll take you for a ride!"

The Art of Movement!   The Art of Expression!   The Art of Story-telling! 
It's Fun! It's Outrageous! It's Emotion!
Our company is available for hire as a group or as individual artists.
We can be booked for any of the following events:
  1. Corporate Meetings and Parties
  2. Private Parties
  3. Fund Raisers
  4. Arts Festivals
  5. Schools
  6. Libraries
  7. Bazaars
  8. Open to New Venue Ideas
Imagination Express...All-Aboard was formed in 1997 and debuted in Kids' Night Out, sponsored by the Dr. Seuss Foundation, for the '98 San Diego Actors' Festival. Since then, we have mimed throughout southern California in arts festivals, schools, libraries, bazaars, shopping malls, corporate and private parties. We are on the Approved List for assemblies by San Diego County Public Schools, the Preferred List of the Southern California Library Assoc. and in the GATE program. We are listed in the National Register's Who's Who for Executive and Professional's. Our goal is to keep the art of Mime alive as a viable form of theatre and to bring powerful messages through stage performance.

The Company

ROSEMARIE BALLARD, Artistic Director

Story Titles

Abstract Amongus Material Whirled
Neiman Marcus Share and Share Alike
The Gloves TIMBER!
You Can Do It! The Rope
Marceau c'est moi The Magic Shoe Shop
Boom-ba-ka-ka-ka Butterfly Hunter
Willpower Hands In The Air
The Park Your Brain On Drugs
Back To The Park Turn of the Crank
The park bench is still warm It didn't have to end like this
What's Your Sign?

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