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Rosemarie Ballard


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Rosemarie is a multi-talented actor/entertainer/impersonator/mime/teacher.At the age of five she danced (for a local dance company) in The Nutcracker, with the New York Ballet, and that was probably the beginning of her love of theatre. As with many actors she has been involved in many aspects of the theatre: directing, costume design, makeup design, choreography, teaching, and writing. In the past few years she has specialized in impersonations and mime. As an entertainer she has donned a myriad of characters and costumes for major corporations and private events. She enjoys her opportunities to be creative no matter what the venue. She sees herself being more involved in TV and film in the future and looks forward to many new creative experiences. Some of her accomplishments are listed on this page.


Bobby's Birthday Party Cindy (Featured) Sveena Productions | Gail Fields
To Hell With Love Mrs. Rigatelli Karl Kozak Productions
Sirens of Seduction Grace (Co-Star) Gary Schmad
Odyssey International
The Return of Killer Tomatoes Carmen John DeBello | Foursquare Prod.
Dick Van Dyke Show Sally (Co-Star) Michael Keogel | Nickelodeon
Kill Them With Comedy-monthly Show Regular (3 years) Mark Shapiro | SRS Productions
CBS This Morning Carmen (Cameo)
The Weight Coach Questioner World Wide TV
Kids For Tomorrow Honey P.I. Productions
Imagination Express
Sweetheart San Diego 98 Actors Festival
Assisted Suicide Edna (Principal) San Diego 97 Actors Festival
Wilson | Gallagher
Blood Wedding Death (Principal) Don Powell Theatre | Bill Virchis
The Man Who Came To Dinner Miss Preen (Principal) Poway Performing Arts Center
Jan Manos
Electric Butterfly The Mother (Principal UCSD
Lysistrata Old Woman's Chorus (Principal) Don Powell Theatre
Martin Katz
Man With Bags The Mother (Principal) Don Powell Theatre
Peter Larlham
A Need For Brussels Sprouts Margaret Hines (Lead) Southwestren College
Nine Patrica Maynard
Saragina Under.
Southwestren College
Bill Virchis
The Wiz Multiple Characters Southwestren College
Bill Virchis
Cactus Flower Botticelli's Springtime S.D.C. Theatre
Boeing-Boeing Laf Tanza (Principal) U.S.O. Navy (Toured Philippines)
Sinbad Head Harem Mistress Studio Arts
Occupation Sweetheart The Mime Glen Jones Productions
Mail Boxes Etc. District Sales Rep. J.M.TV


Rosemarie has appeared on the same billboard with people like: David Cassidy, Tom Bosley, The Fifth Dimension, Less Brown and His Band of Renown, and The Platters. Although she is based in San Diego, she has worked in Hollywood, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, New York, the Philippines and Mexico. She has five TV commercials under her derby as Charlie Chaplin, and a cameo on Good Morning America as Carmen Miranda. As Carmen she has entertained Governor and Mrs. Pete Wilson at a private party in their honor, and she enjoyed a special performance at the table of President and Mrs. Gerald Ford and an audience of 1200 people at the Bob Hope Classic Ball held in Palm Springs. She graduated from SDSU with a BA in theatre. She is best known for her impersonations of:

Carmen Miranda Charlie Chaplin Mae West
Connie Frances Gracie Allen Betty Boop


Rosemarie began the San Diego based impersonators' association with several other impersonators as a social and business group. The intention of the group was to develop the members to the highest standards as performers and to help San Diego based performers to be recognized by the LA faction as talented professionals. 98% of the impersonators' association do live stage performance, as well as mix and mingle. The San Diego group has reached its goals and perform all over the world. Most of the original members are still in association and help each other with work related opportunities. They are still available and can be contacted through this web site.



The intention of this company is to educate children on the importance of body movement and self expression. The goal is to affect as many children as possible. The company has been together since 1996, and has worked at several children's and arts festivals all over Southern California. They are presently giving performances and work shops through the San Diego School System. The members of the company are dedicated to keeping mime a recognized art form. The players also enjoy entertaining the big kids at parties, corporate events, and street fairs. The spontaneous standing ovation given by 220 children at a recent workshop lets the company know that they are on the right track.

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